The Eden Estuary game

What is the Eden Estuary game?

The game was designed to represent the area that surrounds us. In this game you impersonate an actor of the Eden Estuary, ranging from farmers to golfers or the University of St Andrews. As part of the Sustainability Board you need to collaborate with others to ensure sustainable development and avoid a crisis. However, you also have your own interest and wish to develop your own sector.

Will you and your team be able to protect the area and avoid a crisis whilst developing your interest?

How and why was the game designed ?

The game was designed using the game: ‘A climate of Instability’, as a template. Throughout the course of two semesters of this VIP it was developed modified and improved. The map represents the area that surrounds the Eden estuary with various features such as the towns, roads, farmland or the nature. It is a serious role playing game which aims to bring awareness and knowledge on the Eden Estuary. Furthermore, it depicts the complexity of coming to an agreement to ensure the sustainable management of the area due to the presence of multiple actors with differing interests. This is a work in progress and your feedback will be essential in order to make this game accessible to all and used as a interactive workshop to raise awareness on the environment that surrounds us.

Hope you enjoy the game!

For any questions feel free to contact us by emailing the VIP Looking after Eden Coordinator:

[email protected]